Issue 15. 2021-08-16


题图来自于 xkcd 2502 期。

我想暂停一下这种 curation 式的订阅邮件——内容上做一些调整。虽然本就是出自于私心的态度仅仅是记录自己的阅读列表,但「引用+评述」的形式让我直面到了原创性的缺失。


The Times recorded the position of every swimmer in a sequence of several hundred photographs to determine the speed of each athlete throughout the race. Speeds were calculated by combining the positions of the athletes with timestamp information from the images.

In terms of raw, granular, data from which we might draw our own conclusions, there isn’t much available save but a few exceptions. And even those are often severely limited. All of this is a little disappointing and precisely why this is a huge opportunity for many.