Hi there! My name is Qiū Ruì.


  • living upside-down in Canberra, Australia;
  • working at a local start-up as a product manager;
  • podcasts binge listener;
  • ramen guy;
  • self-learning D3.js to expand my data visualization arsenal;
  • practicing Zettelkasten to organize my digital “stuffs”;
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.


  • lived in Canada and China.
  • hold degrees in math, cs and stats.
  • played semi-competitive fps game in college.
  • played the clarinet for 8 years.
  • remember every element in the period table.

My email address is qrui at hey dot com.

This page is inspired by nownownow. It serves as a common “about” page but highlights what I am doing instead of who I am.

Recommendation List

Here are some whats, I will post about hows and whys later. There are some books I’m currently reading, probably gonna include them after finishing them first.


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