So today marks the release date of the latest Hearthstone expansion Dr. Boom’s Project> The Boomsday Project. As usual, I’ve done some pack opening with my pal. But this time, I’ve also taken down some data and made a simple scatterplot (maybe?) just for fun.

Some results

  • I was probably too sleepy at 3 am in the morning, lost 2 packs' data. The total pack number should be 120 instead of 118.
  • Including the guaranteed one in the first 10 packs, I discovered 9 legendary cards in total. But unfortunately, none of them is golden. The first 8 legendary cards were opened in the first 60 packs. Pretty imbalanced!
  • The most common card combination is, of course, 4 commons + 1 rare (Let’s call it “4c1r”). Out of all my 118 packs, 66 of them are of this type, which take about 56% of total pack opening. (Blizzard you are too greedy!)
  • The longest streak of 4c1r is 6.

This post might not have any actual meaning. But I’m generally happy with the results since at least I’ve got the leading role of this expansion: Dr. Boom.