Inspired by Stefan’s blog post, I set up my own photo stream as well. It’s called Air Avo, a self-hosted photo scream based on a repo by Tim Van Damme.

A bunch of funny things need to point out:

  1. Modify photo-stream/_includes/head.html to change the favicon.
  2. Modify photo-stream/index.html to change the link in the right bottom corner of the stream page.
  3. I airdropped some photos from my iPhone to my MacBook. Some of them share an extension of .JPG instead of .jpg. Such photos won’t be rendered in the build. I manually change them back to .jpg but Git thinks they are literally the same.
  4. The iOS Shortcut provided by Stefan requires audio dictation in order to name the photo. Considering the fact that Siri has a funky support of Mandarin recognition, I create a new version with text input as file name. You can download the Shortcut here.

Overall, it’s an awesome minimalist website and perfectly fits my “anti-instagram” mindset. Very easy to deploy, strongly recommended to give it a try and maybe make some tweaks to it.