99 days ago, at some moment on that day, I told myself “hey bro, it’s time to kiss goodbye to those old residents crawling in your read-it-later-but-never-know-when-ish reading list and something like that”.

So with that kept in mind, I have to jot down the number of items left in each categories like obsessive-compulsory disorder in Notion. Shout-out to Notion, it’s an amazing workspace for most of daily work. Back to the business, but I do really guess it’s okay, 99 days have passed just in a flash. So I spent another 10 minutes this afternoon to replay this process in R.

The reproducible R code is attached in Gist.


As you can see, in this 99 days of period, I actually cleaned up some to-dos like magic. I mean they are gone for good, hopefully I will not need to deal with them again. Therefore no chance of procrastination for them. On the other hand, I still have some increasing trend of hoarding to-watch videos on YouTube, which I have to point out that I only keep them for test preparation next month so that might not be as representative as it seems.

Anywho, the best part of this decluttering project (I’d like to call that, sounds much cooler) is not only the I’ve cleaned up of my digital life (mostly), but I believe I’ve achieved some state of tranquility as well. That is to say, no matter how many unread articles in my RSS reader, no matter how many new episodes of my subscribed podcasts were released in the last 24 hours, and apparently no matter how many marvelous contents are there just existing on the Internet, I don’t need to care about them at all.

I ain’t superman and I don’t have unlimited concentration every day, I just don’t need to give a damn about what is really going on in every details. I’d happily click a button to “read all”, “archive all” or “delete all”.

I don’t wanna be overwhelmed by probably-not-that-useful miscellaneous stuffs.

And happy 27th birthday to me.