I took part in my first coding/data hackathon on Thursday. The event spanned for 24 hours, starting from 3 am AEST. This was not very ideal for me. I did not know this event until the very last day for registration. (Thanks for my old habit of reading RSS feed!)

The main topic of this hackathon is text mining, which is literally a field that I’ve never learned before. I actually planned not to team up with any one since I knew I’m not gonna be really productive in this. Surprisingly, the event organizer encouraged me to find a team any ways. I posted my info in the channel and went to sleep. Luckily I was auto assigned to a team. Thanks to Marcin, maybe my joke about “upside down Australia” gave him some impression;) The whole team were sleeping as I woke up the earliest in the east.

Spent too much time cleaning data, thus leading to not enough time doing analysis. There’s old Chinese saying 「临时抱佛脚」 which means doing nothing till the last minute. Although the saying is just simply stating a fact, which has nothing to do with the “result”. But usually the result of 「临时抱佛脚」 is catastrophic.

I did manage to finish one out of four challenges. My teammates were just as inexperienced as me in text mining, so nothing really that I should expect from us. The learning process matters the most. Additionally, I kinda enjoy the pressure of limited time to push me through.