This October must have been the least productive month of this year (to me).

  • Earlier this month, I made a Twitter bot @canberramapbot that posts random bird’s-eye views over Canberra with GitHub Actions. It’s buggy sometimes, but it actually works. The repo is here.
  • Finished reading two books:
  • Currently reading Artemis by Andy Weir. I might not like this one as The Martian. Kinda expectable.
  • Had a swollen lymph node on my neck since the beginning of October after a spicy meal. The swollen persisted for a week before I went to see a doctor. Some rounds of examinations later, money spent, no conclusion drawn but definitely had some rough ideas about it. The symptoms are almost gone from my angle though.
  • And that directly counteracted my productivity since I was consistently feeling unwell. I postponed the AWS CCP test to next month, but good thing is I’ve almost done my review so far.
  • Set up a personal cloud storage with Nextcloud but deactivated later. Hey, I don’t even know what to put there, just not as useful as I expected.
  • Heard Cyberpunk 2077 would be delayed to a December 10th launch date. Duh!

Hopefully November would treat me well.