As the temperature here is climbing up, the demand of using air conditioners especially in the afternoon increases. It’s finally summer.

I’m feeling a little bit off these days. But generally better than October.

Passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test, the introductory level one. Probably gonna take an associate level test sometime early next year.

Back to business, my curvy learning path of D3. I managed to binge reading Amelia Wattenberger’s Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization. It’s overall a great reading to get you familiar with D3, but at some point I kinda feel lost and confusing. It’s true that the book is very practical, it tells you explicitly what to do next with detailed commands, both draft and completed versions of codes, and many other explanations. Somehow I don’t feel like it serves as the “first” introductory D3 learning material you should dive in.

I plan to turn my head to Observable for a while then maybe take a second look at the completed version of coding in this book. Need time to digest.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished another two books: