I followed the tutorial to get myself familiar with some basics of R package development. Really like the table summary with commands in the end.

Better check Ch18 in R Packages by Hadley Wickham and Jenny Bryan for use this::use_git() and usethis::use_github().

To create an R project, open the project in a new session, create the minimal essential files and structure for R packages.

devtools::check() # updates package docs, builds the package, and submits checks.

Now I got a warning saying that i need a DESCRIPTION file.

usethis::use_mit_license("Rui Qiu") # check again, now it’s warning-free.

Say we’ve defined a standalone dummy function demo() which does nothing but print a silly line. We add it to radiorktiv package:

usethis::use_r(“demo”) # it creates a blank script named `R/demo.R`.

We then paste the function in it. And test it with:


Next thing we need to document the function radiorktiv::demo() using the Roxygen skeleton. In demo.R, we can either:

  1. Code -> Insert Roxygen Skeleton, or
  2. Control + Alt + Shift + R

Modify so that it looks like this:

#' Demo function
#' @return A text sentence
#' @export
#' @examples
#' It's trivial.
demo <- function() {
  print("IT'S RADIOACTIVE.")

Now we test the document:


This one does:

  1. Create a file called demo.Rd in man folder, this is the manual. Do not modify it manually.
  2. The NAMESPACE now specifies the package will export the demo function.

You can use ?demo to read the document as usual.

Don’t forget to devtools::check() .

And use usethis::use_package(“package”) to specify package dependencies, use package::function within (my developing) packages.

Last but not the least, use devtools::install(“path/package”) or devtools::install_github(“user/repo”) to install the developing package.