On February 28, the reigning Chinese Super League champion Jiangsu FC announced to cease its the operation. The Athletic published an interesting article1 on Suning’s (the club’s parent company) investment in Inter Milan, the external effect of COVID-19 and government regulation. I don’t know much about the politics in Chinese soccer, but as a kid grew up in China, I understand that the foundations of Chinese football are weak and the national team has been underperforming for many decades. There’s a joke and it goes like this: it can’t be hard to pick 11 out of 1.3 billion people to put the ball into the net, right? Fact is, it’s never that easy.

Although the fate of Jiangsu FC remains undecided, it’s basically a fact that most of players won’t return for next season, including the key player Alex Teixeira. I retrieved some data from Transfermkt and made the following scatterplot of top goalscorers in the short history of Jiangsu FC. This probably will mark the end of an era.


Really, it’s the last thing a soccer fan wants to see, no matter what club he or she is rooting for.

A pipe dream it had been for us, ten years in Jiangsu, a fool’s paradise.

Many heroes are now there, lost in mist and rain.

  1. Suning’s Chinese Super League collapse and what it means for Inter Milan. The Athletic↩︎