In short, it’s been good for me, and I’m really grateful. Everything is settled down, so a new fraction of life commences.


Back in 2002 or maybe 2001, Dune 2000 was the very first video game that I played on PC. I would say this was instead a niche choice compared with Age of Empire and Red Alert. Anyway, I’m on 4/6 of the series. Can’t wait to watch the film in the cinema.

Time management

I’m working on a potential portfolio project about NBA advanced metrics. A brief idea is to build a similar expected threat model based on what’s already there in soccer. But I still hold some severe doubts about how this could wind up since the approaches involved are so restricted. It’s like a set of Lego but broken down into inconsistent parts.

If things don’t work out, I have no reason to put too much time into this one. Just not worth it.

No pie newsletter

I paused the visualization curating newsletter in August simply because rephrasing and commenting on others' work won’t help me a lot. And of course, there are lots of better sources than mine, both in Mandarin and English. I don’t even feel obligated to do so because, in the end, it’s just a platform to share some joyful sparks.

So I guess switching to a more lightweight approach will be optimal. And this is precisely what jsongal did with her newsletter Data Stiches.


The read it later list is piling up again. Don’t know if I still have time to clean it up, or should I discard it for good once hitting a critical point (say 100).

Bought another few books but haven’t started reading (too much) yet. So I’m gonna talk about them in my later posts.

Miami, FL

Spent a long weekend down in Florida. Chill vibe. Made a few prettymaps.


School life

I’ve been TAing a course recently. Everything is fine except the grading is time-consuming, but generally, it’s ok since the other TA and I take turns to grade.

I’m focusing more on job hunting. (Definitely need to.)


After traveling to three distant IKEAs last month, we finally managed to get a copy of IKEA’s popular glass cabinet to display our LEGO collections. And of course, I also snuck in some of my amiibos. So I guess the next holiday season will involve some brick-playing time.

What’s next

Maybe start to update more often here. Besides, every day is a gift. Try to enjoy it while we can.