My understanding on storytelling in the format of a “scrollytelling” is telling a story with graphs that are self-explainable so that the reader could spare some attention to what you are trying to say in words.

Yesterday I came across with an article one Datawrapper, Three decades of European government leaders. The article features a scatterplot with custom lines indicating European government leaders in a time span of roughly 40 years.

I’m not sure if there is specific name for this type of graph, it does look like hundreds of space fighters taking off at the same time. Out of curiosity, I decided to recreate this chart, but without the lines, in a scrollytelling fashion.

I followed Connor Rothschild’s tutorial, and here’s the result1:

Also accessible at

Have I mentioned that “storytelling” would be the theme of my year? I don’t know where to start but I feel like it’s about time. Realistic speaking, all my courses this semester could be presented with a nicely tinkered interactive story.

I also summoned a long-gone friend to be the playground where I can experiment some interactive visualizations.

Of course, I need to master Shiny too.

Second thought: isn’t the original plot a rotated lollipop chart?

  1. Note that some records’ genders are not specified in the raw data, so I brutally categorized them as “male”. I also filled the “story” with placeholder contents. ↩︎